Šokdynė Tunturi Steel

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Are you ready for an intensive workout? Then get started with this Tunturi jump rope. Jumping ropes are a fun way to work on your muscle strength and endurance. Particularly your thighs, calves, ankle and foot muscles can be trained. A jump rope is a great training accessory for all kinds of different sports, such as crossfit, boxing, aerobics or running. The steel rope with PVC coating is lightweight and rotates smoothly due to the ball bearings. The foam rubber handles are comfortable in the hand. In short, you can jump endlessly!

The benefits of the Tunturi Jump Rope with PVC Coated steel cable
- Fun way to increase your muscle strength and improve your endurance
- Various exercises possible and suitable for all levels
- Easy to carry
- Moves quickly and smoothly due to the ball bearings and the lightweight cable

Jump until you weigh an ounce with this Tunturi Jumprope Steel!

  • Tunturi Steel
  • Improves heart function
  • Designed for coordination training
  • Special steel coating
  • Good grip on handles
  • Length: 275 cm, adjustable individually for each user
  • With ball bearings
  • Foam rubber handles
  • Material: Steel/PVC
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