Hockey Revolution

Hockey Revolution MY PUZZLE SYSTEMS 231x100x1.1cm System treningowy

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Gain skills:
- Improve reaction
- Improve quick thinking
- Train basic stickhandling movements 
- Develop basic body movements
- Train basic off ice training movements
- Train peripheral vision

TOTAL 21 Tiles for interactive practice (with colors and symbols):
- 15 x White tiles;
- 6 x Colored tiles (red, yellow, green);
- 2 My Passer One Timer with a special fixing system;
- Instructions for setup.

Weight - 30,43 pounds (13.8kg);
Tiles - 91 x 39.4 x 0.43 inches (1000x2350x11m (2.35 sq.m));
Passers - 23,62" x 2.96" (60cm x 7.5cm)

Hockey Revolution


MY PUZZLE SYSTEMS consist of white and colored dryland tiles with passers attached to the opposite ends.

Improve your reaction time, quick thinking, and peripheral vision with these floor tiles. They will help increase speed, develop basic muscle memory, and peripheral vision.

These professional training hockey tiles are slick like ice. With a smooth surface, it will protect your stick and allow your puck to slide beautifully.

These synthetic ice tiles can be used in your home, garage, basement, or driveway. 

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