Warrior Covert PX2 Senior Hockey Helmet

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Sizing Guide! Measure the widest part of your head from your forehead (just above your brow) around the back of your head (to the furthest point back).

Please note that all sizing charts are general guidelines only. To ensure proper fitting, we highly recommend that players be fitted by our local dealer. We are not responsible for improper sizing of equipment/garment.

Players should only use CSA, HECC and CE certified helmets. These helmets have stickers affixed that indicate their compliance with the applicable standards.



Model: Alpha One Pro
Helmet Size
Head Circumference
47 - 55 cm (18.5" - 21.7")
S 53 - 56 cm (20.9" - 22")
M 56 - 59 cm (22" - 23.2")
57.5 - 62 cm (22.6" - 24.4")


Model: Covert PX2
Helmet Size
Head Circumference
S 53.5 - 57 cm (21" - 22.4")
M 56 - 59.5 cm (22" - 23.4")
58 - 61.5 cm (22.8" - 24.2")


Model: Covert PX2 Pro
Helmet Size
Head Circumference
S 53.5 - 57 cm (21" - 22.4")
M 56 - 59.5 cm (22" - 23.4")
58 - 61.5 cm (22.8" - 24.2")


Model: Covert CF 100
Helmet Size
Head Circumference (cm)
S 54 - 56 
M 56 - 59 
59 - 62 


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  • Warrior Covert PX2 Helmet: The perfect fusion of traditional feel, modern protection, and style.
  • Gold-Standard VN Foam: Provides unparalleled comfort and protection with multi-layered design.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment System: Swift and secure adjustments without missing any on-ice action.
  • Optimal Breathability: Strategically located air vents ensure superior comfort during intense play.


The Warrior Covert PX2 Senior Hockey helmet is not just another hockey helmet; it's the future of on-ice protection. This helmet bridges the gap between a classic design and state-of-the-art safety, ensuring that players don't have to choose between style and protection.

One of the defining features of this helmet is its Gold-Standard VN Foam. With a unique multi-layered design, the PX2 promises the best of both worlds. The back of the helmet boasts three layers, guaranteeing utmost protection, while the rest is lined with two layers, striking the perfect balance between comfort, protection, and breathability.

Fiddling with the helmet during a game can be a distraction. That's why the Warrior Covert PX2 comes with a tool-free adjustment system. Players can now make quick and secure adjustments without missing a second of the game. This traditional tool-free adjustment system ensures that players get a snug fit every time, enhancing their confidence and performance on the ice.

Every detail of the Warrior Covert PX2 is meticulously designed, right down to its strategic air vent locations. These vents not only give the helmet a sleek look but also ensure optimal breathability. The comfort provided by these vents lets players focus on the game, knowing that they'll remain cool and comfortable, even during the most intense moments.

Safety, of course, is paramount. The Warrior Covert PX2 Senior Hockey helmet is HECC and CSA approved, ensuring that players are investing in a product that meets all industry standards. Not only does it stand out in terms of design and comfort, but it also offers unmatched durability. This helmet is built for the rigors of the game and is set to be a game-changer in the hockey helmet market.

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