Visor HEJDUK MH700

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  • High-Performance Design: Crafted using superior-quality polycarbonate, the HEJDUK MH700 Visor offers an optically perfect form for unparalleled vision clarity.
  • Advanced Protection: Integrated Antifog and Antiscratch coatings ensure clear sightlines and enhanced durability, making it resistant to the rough nature of the game.
  • Complete Maintenance Kit: Comes with a specialized Hejduk green emulsion and cloth, guaranteeing optimal maintenance and prolonged lifespan.
  • Universal Compatibility: Expertly designed to be compatible with all types of ice hockey helmets, making it a versatile addition to your gear.


The HEJDUK MH700 Visor isn't just another piece of hockey equipment. It's the epitome of innovation, skill, and passion that every hockey player embodies. This visor has been meticulously crafted with highly resistant polycarbonate. This not only ensures that it stands up to the challenges of intense hockey matches but also guarantees optical purity that's hard to find in other visors in the market.

One of the significant challenges for any ice hockey player is maintaining clarity of vision amidst the fogging and potential scratches that can occur during a game. The HEJDUK MH700 Visor triumphantly addresses these challenges. With its integrated Antifog coating, the visor remains clear, letting you focus on your game rather than being distracted by fogged-up vision. Additionally, the Antiscratch layer ensures that your visor remains in pristine condition, looking as good as new even after countless games.

Maintenance is crucial for prolonging the life of any equipment. With the HEJDUK MH700 Visor, you're not left guessing. The visor comes with a dedicated Hejduk green emulsion for cleaning, ensuring that the protective layers remain active and effective. This attention to maintenance and care will undoubtedly provide a significant advantage in the long run, giving players the confidence that their gear will consistently perform at its best.

Flexibility is key, and understanding that players may have varying preferences when it comes to helmets, the HEJDUK MH700 Visor boasts universal compatibility. Whether you're loyal to a specific brand or like to mix and match, this visor will seamlessly fit all types of ice hockey helmets. It's the kind of adaptability that sets it apart from other visors in the market.

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