RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP Senior Hockey Stick Grip

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  • Advanced Material Composition: RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP is crafted from materials that don't damage gloves, providing an edge over regular hockey tapes that often have glue.
  • Locked-in Performance: Experience a rigid, stable grip, ensuring shots are empowered and precision is elevated, suited for players at all levels practicing multiple times a week.
  • Superior Durability: Designed to last as long as your stick, RocketGrip doesn't shift or alter its position, guaranteeing a consistent feel throughout its lifespan.
  • Clean and Comfortable: Say goodbye to messy, wrinkled tapes. RocketGrip offers a sleek, non-sticky grip, ensuring your game remains smooth and glove-friendly.


The world of hockey is filled with competition, with players always on the hunt for gear that can give them an edge. Enter the RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP Hockey Stick Grip. Designed with a passion for the game and an understanding of a player's needs, this grip is a game-changer.

Every hockey player knows the value of a dependable grip. With the RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP, players can experience a locked-in, rigid feeling, boosting their confidence on the ice. This grip ensures that the stick is always perfectly positioned and primed for the next shot, making each motion fluid and powerful. It's not just about control; it's about feeling one with your stick.

Durability is a paramount concern for every player. Traditional hockey tapes can wear off, become loose, or get sticky, interfering with the game's flow. The RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP is crafted for longevity. It neatly wraps around the stick, locking itself in, refusing to budge or change its position, even after the most rigorous matches. This steadfast grip assures players that every shot will be on target.

Comfort is often overlooked but is as crucial as performance. The RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP is meticulously designed to be clean, devoid of any wrinkles or stickiness. This ensures players don't grapple with glue residues that can damage gloves or impede their game. The grip's smooth texture guarantees a comfortable game, letting players focus solely on their performance.

Finally, in today's world, being environmentally conscious is vital. The materials used in crafting the RocketGrip ULTRAGRIP are not only superior in quality but are also recyclable and eco-friendly. It's a testimony to our commitment not just to the game but also to the world we play on. When you choose RocketGrip, you're not just elevating your game; you're making a choice for a sustainable future.

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