CCM TACKS AS580 Senior Ice Hockey Pants

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CCM Pants Size Waist Circumference (cm) Height (cm)
Youth S 51 - 55 102 - 109
M 53 - 57 109 - 117
L 56 - 60 117 - 127
Junior S 58 - 64 127 - 137
M 62 - 72 137 - 147
L 69 - 81 147 - 157
Senior S 76 - 86  157 - 168
M 79 - 89 168 - 178
L 86 - 99 178 - 188
XL 95 - 107 183+
XXL 107 - 120 183+




CCM Pants Size Waist Circumference (cm) Height (cm)
Junior S 52 - 66 127 - 137
M 56 - 70 137 - 149
L 60 -74 149 - 162
Senior S 62 - 74 157 - 172
M 72 - 83 163 - 177
L 80 - 95 167 - 186
XL 90 - 105 167 - 186+

Sizing Guide:
Measure the circumference of your waist just above the hips. Correspond this measurement to the sizing chart and cross-reference your height. You may overlap between hockey pant sizes, which in this case comes down to personal preference. The smaller size will fit closer to the body while the larger size will offer more volume and coverage.

NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Experience elite protection and unparalleled mobility with the CCM Tacks AS 580 Pant, specifically crafted for the competitive hockey player.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with unrivaled comfort, thanks to the molded spine guard and hip caps with advanced JDP construction.
  • Benefit from the remarkable adaptability and excellent value of the AS 580's internal belt and 1" extension system—features rarely found at this price point.
  • Take advantage of the premium 400D nylon shell with extra reinforcement in key areas and mesh panels for superior durability and optimal airflow.
'Anatomical Shield Design' follows the body's natural shape which ensures the best protection and coverage
Spine Guards
Molded Foam, Standard Foam
Hip Guards
JDP Caps, Soft Foam
Laminated Waist, Polyester Interior
Suspender buttons
Zippered 1"
Leg zipper
400D with Reinforcement, Mesh Front and Rear Panels


The CCM Tacks AS 580 Pant is your ticket to elevated performance on the ice. This hockey essential has been specifically engineered to provide high-quality protection, maintaining a perfect balance between safeguarding your body and promoting unimpeded mobility. The standout molded spine guard, with its low-profile design, expertly shields against aggressive crosschecks, seamlessly transitioning into the tailbone guard for an elevated level of comfort.

Moreover, the JDP construction in the hip caps is truly noteworthy. This feature epitomizes elite-level protection, designed to disperse impact energy away from the joint and into the soft surrounding foam. This technological advance ensures your game remains unhindered, even amidst the harshest competition. It’s this blend of protection and comfort that truly sets the AS 580 pant apart from its contemporaries.

The AS 580 also prides itself on its exceptional comfort and secure fit. An internal belt, a rare feature in this price range, ensures your pants remain firmly attached to your waist throughout the game, offering maximized comfort and zero distractions. This is more than just a pair of hockey pants—it's a carefully considered system for optimal performance.

Perhaps one of the most practical aspects of the AS 580 is its unique 1" extension system. Whether you're a quickly growing young player or a taller adult, this feature allows you to adjust the length of the pants, ensuring a perfect fit and longevity of use. Coupled with a zippered leg opening for volume adjustment, the AS 580 offers an unmatched adaptability and a truly personalized fit.

Finally, the AS 580's premium 400D nylon shell guarantees durability, even in the most intense gameplay situations. Extra reinforcement in key wear areas ensures the pant's long-lasting performance, while front and back mesh panels enhance airflow, providing optimal cooling during high-intensity periods. Trust the CCM Tacks AS 580 Pant to be your dependable partner on the ice, enhancing your game without compromising your comfort or safety.

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