CCM TACKS 310 Senior Hockey Helmet Combo

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When you're in the game of hockey, every second counts and every movement matters. It's not just about scoring goals; it's about having the confidence and security to push your boundaries. That's why the CCM TACKS 310 Senior Hockey Helmet Combo is engineered to provide you with unmatched performance, protection, and comfort. This helmet sets a new standard in headgear, safeguarding your most valuable asset while keeping you agile and focused on the game.

Let's start with the elite-level protection the helmet offers. The D30 Lite foam pods situated at the temples are an advanced, rate-sensitive material that excels in absorbing impacts. Whether it's a slap shot or a body check, this helmet's D30 Lite foam adjusts to the force, offering maximum protection when you need it the most. Coupled with I.Q.SHION, an innovative open-cell foam, the helmet provides a memory gel-like fit, conforming to your head for a customized, comfortable experience.

Comfort doesn't take a backseat in this design; it's a co-pilot. The I.Q.SHION open-cell foam not only adapts to your head shape but also offers superb impact energy management, letting you focus on your game rather than adjusting your gear. The multi-density VN foam base liner works in harmony with the I.Q.SHION foam, giving you the traditional fit and feel you love without sacrificing an ounce of protection.

When it comes to your view of the game, accept no compromises. The CCM FM680 Cage is crafted with a silver, flat-wire design that minimizes visual interference, allowing you to keep your eyes locked on the puck and the play. The multi-density chin cup comes with an anti-microbial covering, and the cage features built-in shock absorbers, minimizing energy transfer to the face and ensuring your focus remains unbroken.

The streamlined adjustability features make it effortless to find your perfect fit. The helmet is designed with a single, tool-free rear adjustment mechanism and a dual-pivoting panel that anchors securely to your head. These adjustability features are thoughtfully moved to the rear of the helmet, maximizing protection without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. Weighing in at 871 grams, this helmet combo offers the optimal balance of weight and durability, promising you a gear that will not just elevate your game but will also last for seasons to come.

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