CCM Extreme Flex E 3.9 Junior Goalie Stick

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  • Close collaboration with NHL goalies: Ensuring design and performance that resonates with professional standards.
  • Lightweight design: Elevates maneuverability without compromising on durability, perfect for players engaged multiple times a week.
  • Full graphite blade: Offers exceptional feel and control, designed for superior puck-handling.
  • Multi-laminate handle: Ensures unmatched durability and a pro feel, ideal for advanced players seeking reliability.
Extreme Flex
Foam core, Aspen core, Fiberglass, Graphite laminates
Features and Technology
Full graphite blade, Multi-laminate handle, Lightweight


Introducing the CCM Extreme Flex E 3.9 Goalie Stick, the latest pinnacle of ice hockey equipment specifically tailored for those who are passionate about the game. Every feature of this stick underscores our commitment to delivering a performance-driven, high-quality product that stands out in the market.

Developed from a close collaboration with NHL goalies, the CCM Extreme Flex E 3.9 Goalie Stick offers insights from the best in the business. This partnership has resulted in improvements across the board – from the flex profile to the blade – ensuring that you're equipped with a stick that truly understands the demands of the game.

A distinct feature of this stick is its lightweight design. The meticulous balance of materials ensures that players can enjoy swift, effortless movements on the ice. This design choice is especially beneficial for those engaged in the game multiple times a week, where the weight of the equipment can significantly impact performance.

At the heart of the CCM Extreme Flex E 3.9 Goalie Stick is the full graphite blade. Engineered for the advanced player, this blade offers an exceptional feel and unparalleled control. Puck handling, one of the most crucial aspects of the game, becomes seamless, giving players an edge in those intense match moments.

Lastly, the multi-laminate handle of the stick is a testament to its unmatched durability. Made for players who don't compromise on quality, this handle promises a pro feel that withstands the test of time, rigorous gameplay, and ensures reliability every time you step onto the ice.

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