Bauer Vapor S22 3X PRO Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder pads

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2021 Bauer Intermediate Sizing Update:
If you previously wore a Bauer Junior L Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate M.
If you previously wore a Bauer Senior S Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate L.
Bauer designed these new Intermediate sizes to better fit the body of players between Junior and Senior sizing.


Bauer Pad Size Chest(cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Youth S 51 - 56 cm 98 - 124 cm 14 - 19 kg
M 56 - 58 109 - 132 18 - 24
L 58 - 63 114 - 140 23 - 29
Junior S 61 - 66 127 - 142 24 - 31
M 66 - 71 140 - 150 30 - 36
Intermediate M 74 - 81 147 - 165 36 - 45
L 81 - 101 165 - 175 45 - 68
Senior M 96 - 107 170 - 180 59 - 77
L 101 - 112 175 - 185 68 - 86
XL 112+ 180 - 195+ 77 - 95

Sizing Guide:
Measure the circumference of your chest roughly 3cm below the armpit using a soft measuring tape, string, or shoelace. Correspond your chest measurement to a pad size using the table below.
When fitting the pads, check that the center-line of the player's shoulders, lines up with the center of the shoulder pad caps. This will ensure the shoulder pads align correctly with the shoulder joint.

Depending upon the style of the shoulder pad, the gap between the bottom of the shoulder pad and top of the pants may vary. This gap does not necessarily mean the shoulder pad is incorrectly fitting.

NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.

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  • Elite-Level Protection: The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro shoulder pads feature Hyperlite HD foam and Aerolite 2.0 Foam caps, ensuring weightless yet uncompromising protection where players need it most.
  • Adaptive Comfort: Designed with a Flexaprene vest, this gear moves seamlessly with players, providing an unmatched natural fit, enhanced breathability, and stay-cool performance for those on the ice 3-4+ times a week.
  • Mobility Mastery: The unique Connektor technology in the redesigned Aerolite Cap ensures the cap sits snugly on the shoulder, providing enhanced arm mobility and swift in-game maneuvers.
  • Performance-Oriented Design: With Thermomax+ liner, the pads resist sweat, dry out swiftly between sessions, and handle odor, making them ideal for high-performance level players.
Adjustable one-piece construction with molded PE for bicep protection, floating hyperlite foam sternum with HD foam insert
Thermo Max+
Spine protection
Thick Molded Foam
Strapping System
Torso - 2" Elastic Nylon, biceps - 1.5" Elastic Nylon


Unparalleled Protection with Weightless Feel: Dive into the game fearlessly with the Bauer Vapor 3X Pro shoulder pads. Crafted with an amalgamation of Hyperlite HD foam from the collarbone to the sternum and Aerolite 2.0 Foam shoulder caps, players experience a featherlight feel without compromising on impact protection. When you’re guarding the net or taking a body check, trust that these pads have got your back, literally and metaphorically.

Innovative Flexaprene Vest for Maximum Mobility: Every agile move, every sharp turn, and every on-ice dash is supported by the Flexaprene Vest construction. This innovative design ensures that the foam wraps and contours to the body in a manner that feels almost second nature. For players aiming for unobstructed range of motion, this shoulder pad gives you the freedom to skate, shoot, and score with unrelenting prowess.

Enhanced Arm Movement with Connektor Technology: Superior gameplay is often in the details. The Connektor technology, ingeniously integrated into the redesigned Aerolite Cap, makes certain the cap sits perfectly on the shoulder. This alignment doesn't just offer better protection, it massively boosts arm mobility. For every slap shot, pass, or defensive move, this nuanced feature could make all the difference.

Stay Cool and Dry with Thermomax+ Liner: Intense games mean intense sweat. Yet, with the Thermomax+ liner, players can remain undistracted by moisture. Expertly crafted to manage sweat, moisture, and odor, this liner ensures that your shoulder pads remain dry and light, even during the most grueling matches. It's not just about comfort; it’s about keeping the momentum going, every second of the game.

Elevate Your Game with Bauer's Cutting-Edge Design: The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro isn’t just a piece of equipment; it's a game changer. Beyond protection and mobility, it's a testament to what modern technology can offer to ice hockey enthusiasts. With its anatomical design, low-profile shoulder caps, and full coverage vest, players don't just wear the gear; they become one with it. For every player looking to redefine their on-ice performance, this product isn’t just a choice, it's the ultimate statement.

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