Bauer Supreme S23 MACH Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads

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Featuring technology that keeps them in place and flexibility that doesn’t restrict your game
Thermo Core Zero
Strapping System
Comfort Lock Strap
Elbow Cap
New EDL low profile elbow cap that fit deep and secure


The world of ice hockey is fast-paced, demanding, and relentless. Every piece of equipment needs to be at its peak, and the Bauer Supreme S23 MACH Hockey Elbow Pads set a new standard for protection and performance.

The ErgoDynamic Lab Elbow Cap is a revolutionary design created for the dedicated hockey player. Understanding the rigor of the sport, these elbow pads are tailored to fit snugly over the elbow joint. This means, whether you're making a pivotal shot or defending against an aggressive opponent, your focus remains undisturbed, ensuring that nothing comes between you and your A-game.

Mobility is the name of the game in hockey. The Active Motion Protection feature of these elbow pads guarantees unrestricted movement. Every swivel, swing, or sprint feels natural, as if the pads are an extension of your very being. This fusion of design and function ensures that players can pivot and maneuver with the agility that the sport demands.

Protection cannot come at the cost of performance. The CURV Composite material, utilized in the forearm and bicep areas, is a testament to this belief. While it shields players against the harsh impacts of slashes and puck hits, its lightweight nature ensures that the player's speed and precision remain uncompromised.

Lastly, the game's intensity should never leave you feeling uncomfortable. The THERMOCORE Zero Liner embedded in the Bauer Supreme S23 MACH Hockey Elbow Pads ensures that sweat and odors are efficiently managed. This high-tech liner not only keeps the elbow pads light during games but also ensures faster drying between skating sessions.


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